Sports Web Site Development - By joining our association, you’re adding your voice to an organization dedicated to providing a proactive forum for sports fans everywhere. As an SFAA member you’ll receive interesting and entertaining communications on the timely and important topics that affect the very nature of spectator sports issues we feel strongly about and want to share with other fans. Members can voice their opinions anonymously or under their signature; either way, your input is the cornerstone of our continuing success.

SFAA is different than other sports services. We treat topics with depth and continuity, always from the fans’ point of view. SFAA provides an advocacy voice on behalf of its members so that fans can influence what happens to their favorite teams. Your ideas and comments give us the fuel to take on the big issues, whether it’s targeted at team owners, players, associations and unions; sports writers and media; and in some cases, the league commissioners and officials themselves. One person really can make a difference, and collectively, we can assure you that our voices will be heard!

SFAA’s statistically valid surveys give the association a mandate to act on behalf of our members. We are an advocacy and action group representing the interests of sports fans everywhere.

It’s important that you know what SFAA stands for. This is our SFAA’s Bill of Rights. As an avid sports fan, you are entitled to:

  • The Right to Attend Games at Reasonably Affordable Prices (including Ticket, Concession and Parking Charges).
  • The Right to Enjoy Professional Sports Without the Threat of Work Stoppages due to Strikes or Lockouts.
  • The Right to Demand Quality Operations and Decisions from the Sports Industry (Leagues/Associations, Officiating, Teams, Players and Media).
  • Having Fans’ Interests Effectively Represented to the Sports Industry (Media, Leagues/Associations, Teams and Players).
  • Watching Professional and Collegiate Games on Free National Network Television or as part of a Reasonably Priced Basic Cable Package.
  • Demand Good Sportsmanship and Strong Moral Character from Team Owners, League/Association Management, Coaches, and Players.
  • The Right to Participate in the Future of my Hometown Teams, Stadiums/Arenas through Fan/Community Ownership.
  • The Right to Participate in National Sports Ranking Systems and Awards.
  • The Right for Fans to obtain benefits and discounts, such as those available to other large organizations with shared interest.

Our strength in numbers gives you, as an individual sports fan, the kind of clout a big organization or large company might have. SFAA members can take advantage of our group buying benefits, which provide the best possible discounts on premium-brand sporting goods, tickets, travel, and an arena full of services catered to you, the sports fan. The list of available benefits will increase as our membership increases, because the more members we have, the stronger our group power.

With your help, the SFAA network of avid sports fans will proactively improve the quality of sports in America. We need every fan to join us in this effort. We believe the small annual membership fee will come back to each member, many times over, as you watch the quality of sports soar and participate in bringing the games back to the fans. Now, go be a great recruit and tell your friends about Sports Fans of America Association and encourage them to join too! To you, my sincere thanks for helping SFAA become one of the fastest growing sports institutions in America today. Join the Revolution in Sports Today and Improve the Quality of Sports from a Fan’s Perspective.

Members of Sports Fans of America Association enjoy a level of benefits beyond any other sports fan organization in existence today. Not only will you be a member of the most visible national association dedicated to representing the true interest of fans, but also you will have a voice that will be heard from the top tier of any stadium or arena. Instead of taking a passive role and shrugging your shoulders every time something happens in the world of sports that really upsets you, you will have a voice that we guarantee will be heard.

You’ll be part of an association that knows how to get the job done, whether it’s reducing ticket prices, fighting area TV blackouts, taking a position on a major sports related issue or standing up and being heard at major NFL, NBA, NHL or Major League Baseball meetings.

Your Membership allows the Sports Fans of America Association to collectively Voice the Opinion of the Sports Fan to the Sports Industry, Team Owners and Management, Professional and Collegiate Athletes, Athletic Directors, University Presidents, Head Coaches, and the Sports Media.


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